Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table Review

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Teeter EP-970 LTD

Teeter EP-970 LTD

Before you grab those budget deals and best value promotions right off the shelf, it's important to know the product you're buying.

Teeter hang ups have a solid reputation for manufacturing inversion tables built specifically to help relieve back pain and regulate blood flow.

One of their most recommended products, EP-960 Ltd inversion table, has raved users with its effectiveness.

With the recent release of the EP-970 Ltd inversion table, we'll take a closer look at how it's been improved, why it's considered the best inversion table available and what it can offer you.

Build Quality

First things first, build quality.

Inversion tables are specifically designed to provide pain relief. If your inversion table has poor build quality, this will only lead to even more back pain.

One thing to note about Teeter inversion tables is they are FDA endorsed.

FDA endorsements assure a quality product for users and also means that the benefits of using the product outweigh the risks for users, making it safe to use.

The Teeter EP-970 Ltd inversion table is made of heat-treated steel to add durability and longevity to the product.

Taking a glance at the product, the Teeter EP-970 Ltd inversion table stands as one of the more premium inversion tables being sold in the market.

You might spend a little more than your budget, but you also get a high price value in return.


The Teeter EP-970 sports a sturdy design very similar to the EP-960.

What sets the EP-970 apart is the addition of the extended handle. This allows users for a more comfortable ankle support and so users can position themselves easily.

The Teeter EP-970 also improved their ankle support design by contouring the fit to make it more comfortable for people to wear and prevent slippage accidents.

Storage & Assembly

The Teeter Hang up EP-970 has a foldable feature allowing you to fold it to fit easily in your closet. You can also do this for the product's footprint if you need extra room or space when storing it.

Assembling the Teeter Hang Up EP-970 follows a 5-step assembly that takes 30 minutes to complete. For a safe, thorough assembly, use the user manual to prevent any re-do's, just in case.

Take note also that the Teeter EP-970 weighs 70 lbs. If you have severe back pain, it's best to have someone help you assemble the whole product to prevent further back injury.

teeter hang ups ep 970


It's unlikely for problems to occur when it comes to the capacity design of the Teeter EP-970.

Thanks to the heat-treated steel, the Teeter EP-970 Ltd inversion table can handle weights up to 300 lbs.

This makes it versatile and available for a lot of people to use. As for the height, it will fit for people who are between 4' 8'' and 6' 6''.


The EP- 970 inversion table comes with a 5-year warranty that guarantees its materials and parts will not fail or easily wear out.

Not many companies offer warranties that last this long unless the manufacturer/company is confident of the quality products it can produce.

A 5-year warranty sends a message that this product is built to last and that you're guaranteed your money's worth.

Teeter EP-970 Benefits

The Teeter EP-970 comes with a lot of extra features that add to the comfort and usability of the product. Compared to the previous model, Teeter added 4 upgrades to increase the number of benefits you gain when using it.

Here are a few worth mentioning:

Extra Accessories

This Teeter inversion table comes with an instructional DVD and five back routines you can use to help you get started.

Suppose this is your first time using an inversion table for pain relief. 

In that case, you can start using these 5 routines immediately after you've assembled the product, so you don't have to worry about doing additional research.

Enhanced Comfort

teeter ep 970 LTD ankle support

The EZ-Reach ankle system is one of the primary features and upgrades that sets the Teeter EP-970 apart from the other models.

With one push of a button, you can open the ankle support and reduce the need to bend down and hurt your spine.

You'll be able to secure your ankles more easily and safely thanks to how long the handle is. This also comes with ergonomic embrace supports and an ankle dial.

The ergonomic embrace supports will help distribute more weight evenly around your feet and heels, while the ankle dial allows you to adjust the foot platform height to adapt easily to either small or large feet.

Improved Support for your Back

Teeter took a lot of consideration into the EP-970's design down to the bed surface.

With the ComforTrak bed, people will find the EP-970 much more comfortable thanks to its enhanced decompression. As a result, this will allow the separation of your discs along your spine to increase blood flow.

This increased blood flow adds more nutrients to your discs and, overall, relieves pain and provides better support for your back.

Enhanced Pain Relief

The acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge are added to the ComforTrak bed to increase healing pressure and provide better traction for your lower back.

You can attach this to the ComforTrak bed if you want to enhance the decompression and relieve more of the back pain.

More Stretching Options & Assistance

This upgraded inversion table comes with Stretch Max handles for an additional grip surface, arm weight, and allows users to have a better grip when doing stretching exercises.

If you're an advanced user, you can use the Stretch Max handles for additional stretching exercises to add to your routine.

The traction handles also provide better adjustment and assistance for oscillating the inversion table to your preferred angle of comfort.

With the right arm power, the traction handles will also allow you to add more decompression to your back as if you were in a full inversion.

teeter ep 970 ltd handles

Improved Safety

Teeter EP-970 has security locks and auto-lock hinges that allow you to set the inversion table's angle in place.

This will allow the user to decide where the inversion table should stop so that it stays steady at the preferred angle. The heat-treated steel parts and pivot bearings also add reliability and an improved life span when using the product.


The best advantage of the Teeter Hang Ups EP-970 is that you get a great value for your money's worth.

Teeter doesn't oversell their product to be more than what it is or how it provides inversion therapy because the product actually works and relieves back pain.

Back problems such as Sciatica, Herniated Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Muscle Spasms, and Facet Syndrome are conditions that Teeters Hang Ups can provide relief for.

For the price you pay, you get a ton of features that improve comfort, usability, back pain relief performance, and longevity.

Most of all, you get quality service and a reliable product built to last you for years.


A drawback of the EP-970 is it's relatively more expensive than most products, and it's quite heavy too, making it difficult for people with spinal injuries to assemble and carry on their own.

In addition, it requires a lot of room space, so if you have a lot of furniture at home, you should consider rearranging or moving your furniture to a safe place when using it.

Some users mentioned the chaffing around the ankles too; however, this also depends on the person using it.

Final Advice

With acupressure nodes, a lumbar bridge, ComforTrak Bed, and an EZ-Reach ankle system, the EP-970 is one of the best products on the market right now.

It's also highly recommended for anyone looking for additional inversion therapy and wants a machine that can help relieve back pain that they can operate on their own.

While these features are undoubtedly helpful and useful for relieving spinal injuries, we don't recommend relying on an inversion table solely.

Other ways to help relieve back pain include exercising, maintaining good posture, proper nutrition, physical therapy, and seeing a chiropractor.

Inversion tables help relieve pain, but it's also worth noting that it doesn't cure the injury itself. Remember that following any recommended practices and advice by your doctor is just as valuable.