3 Things To Do Before Starting Inversion Therapy

By Michael Grimes

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Inversion therapy is the best non-intrusive way of dealing with insistent back pains.
However, even people that are 100% healthy can still use these tables purely for exercise as a way of keeping fit.

The numerous benefits including stress relief and improved blood circulation have made inversion tables become very popular.


Which brings us to a very important question – what precautions should you take before using an inversion table?
With our inversion table reviews, we aim to make your purchasing decision as painless as possible here at Inversiontablespro.com, so here are the most important factors we feel you need to consider before starting inversion therapy:

  • 1. Talk to your chiropractor

This is probably the most overlooked, yet most crucial thing to do before starting inversion therapy. As beneficial as inversion is, there is the looming risk of solving the back pain problem while at the same time causing another problem.

When in a flipped position, you relieve most of your organs of the gravitational pull and this is the main reason why your heart beat slows down and your blood pressure increases. While this can be good for a healthy person, it can be disastrous for a hypertension patient, expectant woman, or someone with obesity.

Even though inversion relieves pressure from most organs of the body, the head becomes the victim for all this pressure. Since your eyes and ears are on the head, they will inevitably feel some of this pressure and this can be a serious health hazard if you are suffering from any ear or eye condition. There are many other situations in which a doctor might advise against using inversion therapy and that is why it is advisable to talk to your doctor before you embark on this therapy.

  • 2. Pick a good inversion table

When it comes to inversion tables, good is relative. What is good for another person may not be necessarily good for you. For instance, not all inversion tables are of the same length and size which means that you have to figure out how much space you have before you purchase the table.

You also want to consider a model that can support your weight and re-adjust easily to accommodate your height. However, one common denominator for every user is how comfortable it will be to lie on the table.

You do not want a table that has a rough or too hard a surface since it is uncomfortable enough to hang upside down.

  • 3. Know how long is long enough

After reading on the numerous health benefits of inversion therapy, it is easy to be too enthusiastic and want to flip on the table for at least 30 minutes a day. However, before you start inversion therapy, you first of all need to know exactly how much time is safe for you to stay inverted. Beginners are advised against using the inversion table for more than 3-5 minutes a day.

Your body needs to be slowly introduced to inversion since you have been upright ever since you took your first step. It is a good idea to wear a stop watch before you invert to make sure you do not exceed this time limit.

After doing this consistently for a week, you can now try doing it for 3-5 minutes twice a day, like say once in the morning and once in the evening. It is a good idea to consult with a licensed chiropractor for advice on how much time you can eventually take on the table.

Once all these factors have been considered, you are bound to find inversion therapy not only fulfilling but also very therapeutic.

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