Inversion Therapy and Sciatica

​​​​Sciatica refers to a condition where a person feels a lot of aggravating pain and discomfort along the sciatic nerve. This nerve is found in the back and it extends from the lower back down to the foot. There are many causes of pain in this sensitive and important nerve but all forms of sciatic nerve pains are referred to as sciatica. Some common causes include herniated discs, spinal fractures, muscle injuries, degenerative disc disease, slipped discs, spinal stenosis. and even tumors in some rare cases.

If you have ever suffered from sciatica, then you know just how debilitating the pain can get. The pain can get so severe that even the thought of making simple movements will become your worst nightmare. Any sciatica patient must therefore seek immediate medical attention as well as take some take some measures that are guaranteed at easing the pain. When it comes to easing sciatica pain naturally, inversion therapy comes second to none.

How inversion therapy helps to deal with sciatica

There are a number of inversion therapy equipment that one can use including inversion racks and inversion boots. However, not everyone is fit enough to use these kinds of inversion therapy equipment without serious side effects. Luckily, inversion tables are safe enough to use by any novice.

For starters, they have a strap in mechanism that helps prevent slips and falls but more importantly, they allow for inversion at controlled angles. It is not recommended for beginners to perform full inversions (i.e. inverting at a 90-degree angle) as the body is not used to this kind of pressure being exerted on the head. Inversion tables allow for beginners to invert at only 20-30 degrees, which are still good enough angles for reaping the benefits of inversion.

When you invert your body, the pull of gravity is reversed and this helps to remove pressure from the sciatic nerve, resulting in instant pain relief. Continued inversion can ultimately help in alleviating the sciatica symptoms. Another important benefit of inversion therapy is spinal decompression. This happens when the pressure is relieved from the spinal discs. If the sciatica was as a result of spinal injury, inversion therapy may make the pain go way instantly.

One of the benefits of an inversion table is that helps in strengthening the ligaments that join the bones at the joints. Stronger ligaments are needed for better movement and easier stretching. Since sciatica makes it very hard to move as a result of the pain, being inverted can help restore movement to the affected foot not only by reducing the pain but also by strengthening the ligaments.

Another possible benefit of inversion therapy is the cure, prevention or reduction of muscle spasms. Spasms are especially common in athletes and inversion is one of the most effective ways of dealing with them. It can also helps in curing sore and tense muscles, which ultimately leads to less pain in the affected foot.

As we have already pointed out, sciatica is a debilitating condition that can make it almost impossible to move. For this reason, it is very important to see your doctor as soon as the pain starts, even before you start inversion therapy.

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