What is the Best Inversion Table? Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

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Looking for a comparison of the best inversion tables that can finally put an end to your debilitating back pain?

Experts agree that, among the various therapies in existence (such as yoga, etc...), inversion tables are considered one of the top choices for people that are looking for relief from back and neck pain and spinal pressure without having to opt for pain medication or worse: surgery. More and more of these inversion machines have appeared on the market, each vying to outdo the other in terms of features and options.

Some brands are putting out pretty high quality inversion products, others are barely meeting safety standards.

So, how do you choose a top quality inversion table? That question is why we set out on our mission to compare the best inversion tables and created this review site, we want to be your first and only stop in finding out everything about inversion.

Unlike many other sites out there, our product recommendations are unbiased and based on real, in-depth research of the product.

Just like your type of back or neck discomfort may be unique, there are certain inversion tables that were made to address your particular conditions better over the other ones.

In addition to the top inversion table reviews, we answer frequently asked questions such as, "Is this kind of therapy good for you?" or  "What's the effectiveness of these things?", we go into depth on the features of each of the best products, tell you how to use them and provide a trusted place to buy the products that are reviewed on this site. And, for you fitness enthusiasts, we even have an article on how to do some exercises on your brand-new inversion unit, including some yoga poses and stretches that would normally be hard to do without one.

So, for anyone wondering, “Do inversion tables work?” or "Are they worth it?", we strive to provide the most relevant information available, so you can make that decision yourself. Our aim is to be top source for information and the best site for inversion table recommendations.

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What is an Inversion Table?

You might be surprised to find out that Hippocrates - the father of medicine - inverted patients on a ladder and pulley system to align their spines as far back as 400 B.C.

With back and neck pain becoming more common due to our mostly sedentary lifestyles and as a consequence of accidents, people have been looking for ways to target and alleviate their back pain with having to choose surgery to find pain relief.

Enter the inversion table...

What's its purpose? Inversion tables are used to help your body relax and to provide pain relief from back aches and fatigue. It does that by turning you upside down and gravity does the rest. Other benefits of inversion table therapy include helping to reduce stress and increasing stimulation of both cardiovascular and lymphatic, improve joint health as well as relieve pain in your muscles and spine.. You can read more about those on our inversion table benefits article.

Experts estimate that up to 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

The best inversion tables will offer add-ons such as advanced heat and massage pads as well as adjustable acupressure nodes in the backrest to enhance and get the optimal inversion experience.

So without further ado, what is the top rated inversion table? Read the expert reviews below to find out.

Our Top Rated Product Reviews for 2024

For a quick overview of the best inversion tables for sale online, please see the top ones below.

You can also click the link on each product review to see a more in-depth look at each one.

Best Inversion Table - Top 6 Options of 2022

1. Teeter EP-970 LTD

Teeter is one of the most recognized brands in the industry and their Ep-970 table is, based on our research, the best option on our list.

They are built to exceed required safety standards and consistently innovate with new options.

Features of the Teeter EP-970 LTD

The features of this heavy duty inversion table are comfortable and easy to use, making it a great inversion unit for both experts and beginner level individuals, regardless of fitness level. There are three preset angles and easy rotational control along with the most supportive grips. Additional aspects such as Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge keep you comfortable, helping to relieve troublesome lower back pain while inverting.

  • Ankle Support. This inversion unit comes with an extended ratchet ankle lock system which allow your feet to be securely held in place and the wrap-around ankle cups that are included deliver added comfort and support.
  • ComforTrak bed. The backrest comes with built in hand grips to optimize the stretch potential with a smooth surface and flexible and contoured shape.
  • Rotational Control. The patented precision rotation mechanisms on this table allow you to make adjustments and maintain complete control when rotating, with easy arm movements for an effortless return to an upright position.
  • Improved Traction. To suit your personal taste, this inversion table has optional Acupressure Nodes and a Lumbar Bridge for the backrest to deliver trigger-point release as well as extra spinal traction or stretching, allowing for efficient lower back pain relief while you invert.
  • 300 pounds Weight Capacity. The EP-970 LTD will easily accommodate and invert a person up to
    300 lbs max and because it is height adjustable as well, it will also work just fine for people with a height of up to 6 foot 6 inches.

Advantages of the EP-970 LTD

  • Great Inversion Table For Beginners. You can start inverting at the angle you are most comfortable with and progress from there. This inversion bench is well-balanced for a safe inversion session.
  • Comfort. With the new and improved ComforTrak padded backrest, you will be hard pressed to find an inversion table of comparable comfort and quality.
  • Easy To Use. To ease novices in to the slightly awkward feeling of hanging upside down, this inversion table comes equipped with built-in stretch handles to support inversion and decompression. It also comes with a ratchet handle that makes it super easy to secure your feet. Also, while it arrives 85% assembled, all tools required to finish assembly are included.
  • Best in Class Warranty. No other inversion table competitor currently matches Teeter's excellent 5 year warranty.

These inversion table can help relieve back pain as well as help correct and improve posture when used for just minutes each day. These can help decompress the areas of your back and neck that have been strained as well as reduce tension in your muscles.

Daily use of an inversion table also helps to rejuvenate the worn discs in your spine by using gravity to pull your vertebrae away from each other, as well as helping you to re-build and increase core muscle strength through specific inversion exercises. Given the outstanding reputation of Teeter, The EP-970 LTD delivers a durable inversion unit to alleviate your chronic aches and relieve back pain at an affordable price. Beginners and experienced people of any fitness level wanting to invert should not miss out on this unique form of therapy.

You can check out our Teeter Ep-970 page for an extended review or check out our page on the other Teeter Inversion Table models.

2. Ironman Gravity 4000

Our first runner-up is the Gravity 4000 made by Ironman. This is another inversion device brand that consistently ranks in the top with their inversion beds and this particular machine is no exception to that.

A big pro is the increase in weight capacity over the other inversion tables in its class, this is surely one to look at.

Ironman Gravity 4000

Features of the Ironman Gravity 4000

If you want to relieve chronic back pain issues without the help of painkillers, this Ironman inversion table comes with an excellent safety locking system, ergonomic lumbar pillow and high weight capacity of more than 300 lbs.
Enjoy the health benefits of a one of a kind inversion experience for years to come.

  • Weight Capacity of 350 Pounds. Feel secure with this Ironman table with a 350 lbs weight limit. This guarantees you a durable and stronger hold, provided you do not exceed the maximum weight capacity.
  • Safety Ankle Locking System. With its molded memory foam backrest and palm activated notch ankle locking system, you'll be sure of a comfortable and secure hold. In addition, you can comfortably enjoy the entire inversion process with its tether strap that secures you while inverting.
  • Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow. In addition to its memory foam padded backrest, you can protect your back with the removable lumbar pillow. This gives your back comfortable lumbar support when you are hanging upside down.

Advantages of the Gravity 4000

  • Sturdy and Durable. Spare yourself from any mechanical failure with the Ironman Gravity 4000. This piece of technology has a durable steel frame, beautiful powder coated finish and a rubber floor stabilizer that keeps the product from moving especially when it is in use.
  • Safe. The first item to consider when you use a health product like this is safety, because of having to be upside down and being positioned at an awkward angle. Because of this, the Ironman Gravity 4000 has ensured its palm activated ankle locking system and tether straps are working properly.
  • Health Benefit. You can get rid of your back, neck and spine pain with inversion therapy. This inversion device offers a wide array of health benefits, such as relaxation from stress and fatigue, as well as help with herniated disc back pain. Not only that, it can help you keep a youthful look, great posture as well as help with a healthy blood circulation.
  • Foldable. Keep it in your storage room after enjoying your inversion therapy. It only measures 26 x 65 x 49 inches (W x H x D), which is foldable and small enough to fit in your storage room.

Some users report the Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table has some cons like having a hard to release ankle clamp and a hefty and heavy built, which makes it less ideal for someone who would be doing inversion exercises rather than just inversion therapy.

Getting rid of back and spine pain is now an easy problem to solve for people who invert. The Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table from Ironman is affordable and, with its powder coated finish, very sleek in design. In short, a perfectly suitable inversion table even for those with heavier weight.

3. Body Champ IT8070

Coming in at third place on our list is the Body Champ IT8070 inversion table.

Just looking at the sheer number of comments online for this table, you can conclude that this product is a very popular one indeed.

Let's take closer look, shall we?

Body Champ IT8070

Being locked in an inverted position no longer has to be painful. Inversion helps to improve your health and well-being by relieving fatigue, promoting good blood circulation, help with muscle and joint pain and releasing pressure on your spine.

The Body Champ IT8070 is no doubt safe and reliable. You can safely do inversion therapy without worrying that you might fall and hit your head on the floor. These inversion tables have a deluxe dual pin system and high weight capacity not exceeding more than 250 pounds.

Features of the IT8070

The Body Champ IT8070 inversion table is made safe and comfortable for those who weigh up to 250 lbs. Its dimension of 58 inches long X 29 inches wide X 55 inches high makes it convenient for storing in tighter and smaller spaces. As an extra, it has a deluxe dual pin system, great ankle support and safety features, which provides more value for your wallet.

  • Weight Capacity of 250 Lbs. If you are a larger size person and you'd also like to experience the pros or benefits of inversion, worry no more because this table has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Deluxe Dual-pin System. If, while you are inverting, you feel like changing to different angle, this system will help you change your angle quickly. Its height adjustable range is from 4′ 7″ to 6′ 8″, conveniently made to make your inversion therapy more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Support For Your Ankles. The four foam rollers that come with it will give you the best full ankle support and secure, comfortable locks. This should not hurt your ankles, but in the event that it does, you can make adjustments easily by using the lower spring-loaded pull-pin.
  • Safety Features. It comes with safety lock features like the strap and U-shaped handrails, which make your inversion process more secure and free of pain.

Advantages of the IT8070

  • Easy to Assemble and Use. What else is there to ask for if you have a good inversion table that comes with a user-friendly feature? This product comes already mostly assembled. Because of that, it requires only a few installation steps, which you can easily do by yourself. You can always refer to its user guide if you still have doubts.
  • Affordable. You could purchase this inversion table at half of its original price. You can find great discounts online that certainly leave a few extra dollars in your pocket.
  • Safe. This product has a lot of safety features that will certainly keep your inversion session safe and worry free.

Now for the cons: according to some feedback, some users claimed that this particular inversion table is not for everybody because of its weight capacity limitations of only 250 pounds. It also may need extra padding for your ankles and a more secure foot holder and strap.

This inversion table is perfect for you and your family, for average weight users and the budget-conscious and an amazing piece of technology that will help you eliminate back pain and is a great value for your money.

4. Innova ITM4800

Are you interested in an inversion table that offers not only inverts but also gives you a massage at the same time? You can have all that with this one. This model features an attached lumbar pad that gives you an advanced heat and massage inversion experience and can be adjusted in multiple modes.

On the ITM4800 inversion table by Innova, you will appreciate the ergonomic large energy foam padded backrest and adjustable headrest while you invert. You can easily use its four position side inversion pin when you need to adjust your inversion angle.

Innova ITM4800

Inverting does not just help you get rid of back pain and pressure but it also releases stress and fatigue, while encouraging blood circulation.

Features of the ITM4800

If there are any other table models that have the same heat and vibration massage therapeutic feature like this one does, we haven't found it yet! This add on gives this particular model a greater edge than the other ones.

  • Advanced Heating and Massage Pad. This is the ultimate relaxation mode for you. You not only enjoy inversion therapy, but you receive heated vibration massage therapy at the same time.
  • Four Position Side Inversion Pin. You can gradually change into your desired position  on your inversion equipment with the four position side inversion pin. This will not give you a sudden tilt or jolt when you change position while inverting.
  • Soft Foam Contoured Handles. The extra long soft handles help people to easily get back on their feet. You can simply grab the handle and get up.

Advantages of the ITM4800

  • Comfortable. Comfort is taken care of with this table, because it does not just offer inversion therapy, but also an advanced heating and massage therapy pad. Plus, it has a wide and extra long backrest and comfortable padded locks for your ankles to keep you securely fastened with the product.
  • Durable. The steel frame and steel hardware is undeniably hard and sturdy. This assures you have a safe inversion therapy session with no risk of falling off and getting hurt while you invert.
  • Safe. The security pin and locks give you a secured inversion angle. These locks will stay fastened and won’t let you hit the floor.
  • Easy to Assemble.  A picture says a thousand words. These inversion tables come with an easy to understand manual so users will have no problem at all assembling their inversion table.

While you want to experience all of this inversion table's benefits when inverting, it is also important for you to be aware of its cons. This inversion system is said to have no folding lock system to keep the product folded for storage. Also, its weight and build is said to be heavy and bulky making the storage a bit challenging. Keep this in mind if space is an issue for you.

The Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Therapy Table is a great deal for your wallet. You will not just use an inversion table, you also get to own a massage inversion therapy table, all in one. This product will surely give the comfort and relaxation that you long to have.

5. Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table

Back pain can seriously mess with your overall well-being, especially for those who sit for hours at work. The stress that comes along with it only compounds your troubles. This can compromise your health and your performance.

However, these back issues can be solved with inversion tables such as the Invertio Folding Table. 


This inversion table is affordable yet durable and sturdy enough for its price. It has several features like top of the line ankle support, accurate inversion angles and a lot more!

Features of the Invertio Premium

Have you been living your life with back pain? If so, it is the perfect time for you to bid them good-bye because this inversion table will give you comfort and help you towards getting the pain-free body you deserve.

Just like other inversion tables, it features supports for your ankles yet the inversion speed control and the accurate inversion features gives it a slight edge over the others.

  • Premium Ankle Supports. Try eight (8) different adjustable inverted positions without the worry of having mechanical troubles like loosening locks or hard-to-unlock ankle support. This product features an easy to release process and an excellent ankle support system.
  • Inversion Speed Control. Pivoting while you invert is no longer a problem because this model features three (3) position pivot joints that makes your rotation speed adjustable. You can use the extra-long handles measuring 40 inches every time you want to change positions while you invert.
  • Accurate Inversion. You can pre-set your desired inversion angle using the high-tensile strength limiting strap. This feature allows you to adjust it into its maximum rotation degree of up to 240 degrees. (Most people, however, don't need to go past 60 degrees to experience to get pain relief)

Advantages of the Invertio Premium

  • Ergonomic. You can rest your head and your back while inverting with this product’s large padded head and backrest.
    This inversion table also has a lumbar support cushion, soft foam roller supports for the ankles and padded handles for a more comfortable inversion treatment session.
  • Sturdy. Getting situated on this inversion table won’t result in any scary shaking and rocking motions. It comes with non-skid and non-marring features and a one and a half diameter ultra-high strength tubular steel that keeps the table from moving while you invert.
  • Foldable and Portable. Store it flat under your bed or leave it standing behind your door. This inversion table is easy for people with limited space to store because of its foldable features and manageable weight making it portable enough to carry it.
  • Relatively Cheaper. Some sites, like the one we recommend, offer this product with around 75 percent discount for those lucky buyers.

According to some users, there have been sporadic issues with handling and delivery. Other people mention that some parts were missing or broken and that the assembly instructions are a bit hard to follow.

With this product, you can get much needed pain relief for your back right away. Don't miss the chance of experiencing a one of a kind therapy.

6. Best Choice Pro Deluxe

This product is a brand-new heavy duty table. Just like the other ones we cover on this site, this also helps you in relieving back pains (such as sciatica, spine pain due to pressure on lumbar discs, etc) while you invert.

The Inversion Table Pro Deluxe from Best Choice Products is best recommended for people at a beginner level.

pro deluxe

Features of the Pro Deluxe

This brand new inversion table comes with a brand new feature that will help people ease into inversion therapy because its features are quite easy to deal with. It has removable nylon support pads, padded ankle clamps, three position roller hinges, great height support and a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

  • Removable Nylon Support Pads. The pads that come with it for support are quite a common feature in every great inversion therapy table. One of the big pros with this one is that the pads are removable. It's a lot easier to clean the material that way.
  • Heavy-duty Steel Frame. Having a heavy-duty steel frame is very important because this makes the product stand sturdier and keeps it from rocking during the inversion process. You don't need to fear falling while you try to relax  🙂
  • Great Height Support. If you are a taller height person wanting to invert and think you might not get into the right angle for ankle support, you'll be glad to know this is adjustable. This table can support people whose height ranges from 4’10” to 6′ 6″.
  • 3 Position Roller Hinge. You can change your position level or rotate with no hassle with the product's three-position roller hinge. This controls the way you move or rotate.

Advantages of the Pro Deluxe

  • Foldable.  With its detachable parts, you can easily store this one anywhere you have some free space. This can be detached into two pieces and you can easily reassemble it once you need it.
  • Affordable. Who says brand-new is expensive? Believe or not this brand-new table is offered with 48 percent discount.
  • One Year Warranty. Take advantage of one year free mechanical and repair support warranty with this table. You can always call or email the manufacturer's customer support and ask for help whenever necessary.

Despite the brand-new features that it claims to have, this product has not escaped keen customer observations.
As for the cons: aside from the fact that the product is made in China, some customers report it that it has an inferior quality strap and a hard to understand user manual.

Are you at a beginner level when it comes to inversion therapy and still have a lot of reservation in buying an inversion table? Don't worry because this product is recommended for people just like you. It makes it safe and durable to invert and most importantly, comes at a very reasonable price.

What is the Best Inversion Table?

Choosing the ideal inversion table for you depends on a few factors, which we've listed here below: 

  • Safety. Who says only Spiderman can do the upside down move? You can too! However, if your inversion table gives out on you, he won't be there to save you! You will continue battling your back or spine pain and suffer additional injury when it happens. Always check the safety rating of one of these inversion tables before you buy it. Check the parts, the maximum weight limitations and user feedback to give you plenty of knowledge about it. Another thing, if possible, is to ask if you can try to invert on one with the assistance of a sales person. See if is it stable enough and is not moving and if it is sturdy enough to hold your weight.
  • Quality. When we say quality, it is how good or bad a product is. Meaning, quality as referring to material, features and price. The best inversion tables are built with durable material starting from its base up to the locks that secure you. Look for pros or features that will work well for you, such as how comfortable you will feel while you invert.
    Lastly, the price for inversion tables generally ranges from $250 to $1,000. The higher the price usually means the higher the quality is. However, this is not always the case and as such, we always recommend that you look online for product comparisons.
  • Construction and Capacity.  These inversion tables must meet the industry standards on construction, in addition, the design and capacity. See what the maximum user weight limit is. Remember, you will be hanging upside down.
    An inversion table needs to be able to carry all your weight and without risk of hitting your head on the ground in case of mechanical failure.
  •  Various Types. You might forget to add this one to the list of considerations. These inversion tables come in two types, motorized or manual. With a manual one you will need a little extra effort when positioning the angle you are comfortable with (180 degrees or more), while a motorized type is automatic, which can be as easy as pushing a button for the desired inversion angle. However, motorized adjustable inversion tables tend to be more expensive, so if you want to save money, stick with the manual ones.

While there is a wide range of inversion products (each with their pros and cons) available to people, such as inversion chairs, yoga inversion slings or gravity boots, on this site we mostly discuss the top inversion tables, as they are the most commonly used for alleviating back pain.

What to Look for in a Good Inversion Table

When deciding on which inversion table to get, carefully consider your options and take your time deciding which one will best fit your needs. You cannot afford to jeopardize your health and risk additional pain, so be sure to do your own research.

Always keep in mind points mentioned below when looking for the best rated inversion table. Moreover, this advice won’t cost you anything at all, but it will spare you from spending money over and over again.

  • Comfort. You will be using this inversion table to ease whatever back pain and stress you have and it must therefore give you the comfort you need while you are on it. You will be using the backrest and it should be either padded or non-padded depending on your choice.
  • Ease of use. An easy to use inversion therapy table also gives you convenience when it comes to assembly and set up. Minimal steps to follow would be of importance because who wants a huge assembling process when you are dealing with your back and spine pain?
  • Price. Prices may vary depending on the material used and the features the inversion table has. Cheaper cost would likely determine its lower quality yet that is not always the case. You have the reviews to read and help you decide on the best table for you and remember that cheaper units with many fancy words are not necessarily a good investment. Invest in something that will support your health and last for years to come.
  • Durability. Do not take the sturdiness of the inversion table lightly, as you will be dealing with this every time you use the table. You should not have to spend another penny for purchasing a new one because your first choice was a dud.

For the first few times, exercise caution and remember to start your inversion sessions in short time increments to get used to it as it helps reduce possible side effects such as dizziness, light-headedness and muscle strain. You can always increase your inversion times later as you progress on your journey.

While we do our best to help people decide on the best inversion table for your needs, please be advised to always consult with a doctor to discuss the the pros and cons of inversion therapy and if it will be effective for you. This is because for some people, risks associated with inversion therapy can outweigh its many health benefits. Individuals who are pregnant, have health conditions such as glaucoma, high blood pressure or have a heart condition (because inversion can increase your blood pressure and lower your heart rate) should not attempt using inversion tables without talking to their doctor first.

We hope you have enjoyed our inversion table reviews, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions by using our contact form or by email. We will do our best to get back to you quickly.